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Not All Software Companies Are Created Equal

At DeLuca Technologies, your goals and satisfaction are our main priority. Unfortunately, not all Software Companies feel the same.

If you are working, or have worked with another company, and you are not satisfied with their results, you have come to the right place. We have helped many businesses revive projects that have been abandoned, or just not done correctly. Common causes for failure:

  • Software Abandonment (Failure to get in touch with creators or company no longer exists)
  • Buggy Software
  • Bad Design
  • Poor Communication
  • Not Designed As Planned
  • Slow / Scalability Issues
  • Poor User Interface
  • Not Meeting Standards
  • Deadlines Are Not Met / Slow Development

Our Rescue Process

First, we Analyze your overall situation and Identify the reasons for failure. Then, we put together a detailed Corrective Action Plan which outlines all major milestones and timelines. We finish up with the Implementation & Execution Plan to launch and train your team. Rest assured and put all your worries aside -- let's get your project back on the right track.

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